About Us

Although we’ve decided it’s best to protect our identities for now, here’s a bit more about us…

  • E and I have been married for almost 15 years and live in the western United States.
  • We’re both 40-something-year olds who are huge football fans and spoil our canine kids rotten. No children, just pets.
  • We love to travel, ski, eat out, go on movie dates and take mid-day naps on the weekends.
  • E is super active and works out daily – playing basketball, spinning, running beer miles, racing in Tough Mudders, etc. He works in the entertainment industry.
  • I want to be super active and fit, but easily allow my job and other distractions like obsessing over our finances get in the way. I work in the technology industry.
  • Confession — we are addicted to Blue Apron meals. I know, not very thrifty, but it’s been a game changer for us. No more time spent thinking about what’s for dinner each week! We’re allowed some indulgences right?
  • We dream of spending our summers (and several winter weeks) in the mountains, and traveling around the world to enjoy outdoor adventures.
  • We started saving for early retirement in earnest in 2011, thinking that our quit-working date would be 2037. However, due to promotions and pay increases the past few years, we’re now on pace to walk away from corporate America by 2022 (or sooner!).
  • Our financial goal is to pay off our mortgage (debt free) and save up enough money where earning a paycheck is optional, or worst case, only needed to cover a fraction of what we earn today.
  • Because we need both of our paychecks to achieve our financial goals, we are protecting our identity until we have the option to quit our corporate jobs.

Our Motto #1: Don’t Hope. Do.