Our Approach

4 Strategies to Accelerate Progress

There are 4 primary strategies we’ve been implementing to achieve greater levels of financial freedom:

  1. Increase Earnings / Advance Career
  2. Eliminate Debt / Decrease Taxes
  3. Maintain Spend / No Lifestyle Creep
  4. Invest / Grow Savings

You’ll see that decreasing spend is NOT one of our strategies. Our current annual spend is already well below our means (<25% of our gross annual income, and soon to be <15% after paying off debt).

As much as I like the idea of living more frugally, the reality is I enjoy eating out at nice restaurants and treating myself to a massage every once and a while. And life is too short not to indulge in non-essential experiences every so often.

So instead of trimming expenses, my focus has centered primarily on 1) advancing my career to make more money and 2) reducing debt and deferring income to lower taxes. To date, these two strategies have been the biggest factors in accelerating our journey to financial freedom. Plus, we are trying our best to avoid creep in lifestyle spend and invest our savings for growth.

I’ll share more about our approach and experiences – the good & bad, successes & failures – in each of these areas in future posts.